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High-frequency channel system equipment
Detailed profile


Product description:

          YC-CH-IRCON high-frequency-channel system equipment is a group of high-performance electronic tag channel, fast anti-collision resolution to support the electronic tag and data processing capabilities, and configuration of high-performance main and auxiliary channel antenna, built-in 4-way infrared direction of movement detection of the main components and control panel, standard RS232, RS485 serial communication interface can be directly connected to the host controller and other related equipment, conference attendance, library management, Access Control, and production process control, open, high flow places to begin with.


The fully independent property rights set design

support of the ISO/IEC15693, the EPC of NXP, NXP the UID, the HP the EPC protocol RFID tags

advanced tag anti-collision algorithms and high recognition rate

Built-in 4-way infrared probe to identify the direction of movement

Typical channel width 120cm

Low-power design, RF output power 4w

Could be connected to the camera, large screen display and TV output