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GYYC900F type automatic train tracking device
Detailed profile

Product overview:


   GYYC900F identification device as other systems supporting products, composed of an antenna, feeder and the identification of host. The host by professional special industrial chassis, a professional industrial power, microwave components, the decoding module, is designed for railway system to add the number recognition function and the design and manufacture. Can be integrated railway track scale ( 5T equipment, dynamic, static ), overloading and unbalanced loading detecting device, vehicle dynamics integrated detection system for railway automatic loading system, also can choose it to increase train identification function.


Technical index


Operating frequency: 910.10MHz 912.10MHz 914.10MHz

Working temperature: - 30 DEG C to + 75 C

Output power : 0.3 ~ 1.6W

Recognition range : 0 ~ 6M

Adaptive speed : 0 ~ 200KM / H

External antenna: 1

Radio frequency cables: cable is less than 30 meters.

Read the label to correctly read: TRANSCORE, XC, HTK traditional AAR FSK series

Code format and new FM0 encoding format of the vehicle and locomotive label label

Heavy weight: 5.5KG


Application fields


1 enterprise railway transportation management system covering all the business enterprise railway transportation, which can replace the original department business, station business, inventory management, query, statistics and other manual operations, improve transport management automation and the information.

2 automatic vehicle number of transcriptions and measurement report automatic generation, from personnel number copying tedious labor, eliminating the measurement in the process of manual intervention process, so that the measurement of the unattended become possible. At the same time to provide real-time accurate measurement data, improve the efficiency, shortens the measurement auxiliary residence time