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GYYC900D type automatic train tracking device
Detailed profile

Product overview

   Dual port GYYC900D type automatic train identification system, is the source of independent research and development of a new generation of products, this product uses a new circuit design and structural design, the heritage of the company before the generation number recognition system based on high speed read labels, greatly enhance the product's shock resistant, anti interference and long time working reliability, its comprehensive performance in the domestic similar products first.


Technical index


Operating frequency: 910.10MHz 912.10MHz 914.10MHz

Working temperature: - 30 DEG C to + 75 C

Output power : 0.3 ~ 1.6W

Recognition range : 0 ~ 6M

Adaptive speed : 0 ~ 200KM / H

External antenna: 2 ( two. )

Radio frequency cables: cable is less than 30 meters.

Read the label to correctly read: TRANSCORE, XC, HTK traditional AAR FSK series

Code format and new FM0 encoding format of the vehicle and locomotive label label

Heavy weight: 5.5KG


Application fields


1 the product can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, and railway freight yard, coal mine, port, petrochemical and other fields of dynamic electronic railroad track scale

2.TADS: freight rolling bearing fault track-side acoustics diagnose system

3.TFDS: Van operation fault dynamic image detection system

4.THDS: the infrared axle temperature detecting system

5.TPDS: freight car running safety monitoring system

6.TCDS: passenger car running safety monitoring system