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YC-1301 Non-contact IC card reader
Detailed profile

     YC-1301 IC card reader is a standard type non-contact RF IC card reader devices, it through RS232/485/USB interface and connection to the PC. Can read and write the MIFARE and MIFARE the PRO standard non-contact MEMORY card and CPU card.

Performance indicators:

   Operating Frequency: 13.56MHZ
   Communication Interface: RS232, USB, RS485, offline, Wiegand, such as a variety of ways is optional
                                                      read and write to card distance: 0 ~ 70mm (related with the card)
   serial communication baud rate: 9600BPS ~ 115200BPS
  Optional 1 to 3 SAM cards and a large deck
  Dimensions: 143mm × 110mm × 28mm, 130x90 x20mm, 108 x81 x33mm three exterior optional


   readers and RF card data transfer between two-way verification of the encryption algorithm, cards and equipment
  anti-collision mechanism, can handle multiple RF cards
  Beeper operations state
  optional eight LED display

Support for card type:

    can read and write ISO14443 standard RF card, PHILIPS Company TYPEA MF1ICS50, the MF1ICL10, MF1ICS70, MIFAREPRO non-contact CPU card MIFAREDES, of MF Ultralight DESFire, SIEMENS, the company's TYPEA SHC1102, Shanghai Hua Hong, Fudan chips card, and domestic compatible with the above-mentioned card-type card; SAM card, in line with the T = 0 and T = 1 protocols CPU card, can read and write TYPE A, or TYPEB standard non-contact CPU card. 

Software Support: 

     the Windows 9x/2k/NT/XP 32 development platform, such as VB, Delphi, PB, VFP, the VC, C + + Builder.
    SCO UNIX C-language development, the development of the C language under LINUX.