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Active train wheel sensor YCCG-2
Detailed profile

Main parameters:


1: the way of working: non contact induction type.

2: the sensor mounting hole distance: 130mm.

3: sensor for three core shielding line, red line is the positive pole of the power supply line for the negative terminal of the power supply, black, blue line for the signal output.

4: sensor voltage for 12V15V single supply, use should ensure the supply voltage is less than 11V.

5: the output voltage of the sensor for 5V ( + 10%), with a carrying capacity of very strong.

6: a sensor effective detection window is not less than X35 x Y35mm, effective height of not less than 25mm, it can effectively detect the serpentine rock of wheelset.

7: adaptation speed: 0300Km / H.

8: because of the sensor in detecting wheelset doesn't move when will always keep the output signal, so the use shall keep the sensor clean surface.

9: ambient temperature range: - 45 - + 85 degrees c..

10: reserved for digital interface.

11: Power: not more than 1.2W.