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YCCA-9809 PVC card
Detailed profile

This type of label for the PVC package, air medium, can be hand-held or inserted in the supporting seat. .

Operating frequency : 902 ~ 928MHz

Working mode: broad-spectrum hopping or fixed frequency mode

Storage capacity: 96 EPC encoding 64 unique ID number, the 224 user data area

Protocol: ISO-18000-6C ( EPC G2 )

Memory form: EEPROM, readable / writable

Tags: PVC plastic material

Applicable medium: the medium of air, can be hand-held or inserted in the supporting seat

Working distance: reading distance 3-18 meters ( actual working distance according to the working environment and antenna existence difference, please reference )

Physical size: 86 mm * 54mm * 1mm

Anti interference: with anti-collision mechanism