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GYYC900S train identification system
Detailed profile

Product brief introduction


   A simple GYYC900S type automatic train identification device adopts a new circuit, structure design and processing technology, in the tradition of the existing domestic number recognition system based on high speed read labels, greatly enhance the product for railway harsh working environment adaptability and long time work reliability, its comprehensive performance in the domestic similar products list. Because of its small size, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, widely used mainly for unattended fields of the harsh environment, equipment installation in the railway professional equipment box, via cable or fiber is connected to the control room computer.

  With comprehensive software development interface, easy and the static and dynamic track weighing, overload and unbalanced load system, railway freight safety detection system etc., are widely used in railway, electric power, metallurgy, mine, port, petrochemical and other fields.


Product features


High temperature (80 degrees C ) and low temperature ( - 30 degrees C);

Using the embedded system structure is stable and reliable, adaptable to a variety of speed;

Working frequency:910.1M, 912.1M, 914.1M

Work rate:28dBm ~ 32dBm


Ports:RS232, RS485 serial communication, communication rate can be set

Read range : 0 ~ 6M

Adaptive speed:0 ~ 160KM / H

Read Labels: TRANSCORE, type XC, type HTK, type railway electronic label

The accuracy rate of recognition:99.99999%

Software platform:With API development kits, support VB, VC development

Working temperature:- 30 DEG C to + 80 C

Working environment:Adapting to the wind, frost, rain, snow, fog, pH, salt, moisture, vibration and other harsh environment

Power:12V, 3.6ADC power supply

Ruler:268mm * 206mm * 65 mm



Typical application:


Train dispatching management system

Railway Automatic Train Identification System

Special line of automatic equipment identification

Special railway automatic train identification

Railway vehicle related machine inspection equipment