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GYYC900B automatic train identification system
Detailed profile

Product introduction


GYYC900B standard type automatic train identification system inherited from the GYYC900S type identification device on the basis of performance function and equipped with a magnetic sensor and sentenced to a speed function, and based on the platform based on time according to the demand for the development of powerful function, reliable operation of the application system. The device adopts a new radio frequency emission and high sensitivity receiving module, ensure long RF cable without affecting the number data is read and collection, can be adapted to various on-site installation requirements.

This system can be used as active or passive magnetic wheel detection sensor, can well adapt to the high speed scene, completely solve the factories and marshalling station, district station common speed, stop, reverse a car phenomenon. Products applicable to factories and railway freight car truck tracking, inventory management, traffic control, computer interlocking, dispatch, also applies to the railroad track scale, overload and unbalanced load, vehicle safety early-warning system ( Ministry of Railways project 5T ): infrared axle temperature detection system ( THDS ); van operation failure dynamic detection system ( TFDS ); freight rolling bearing fault track-side acoustics diagnose system ( TADS ); freight train running state ground safety detection system ( TPDS ); the wheel failure, dimension dynamic detection system ( TWDS ) etc..


Product features


High temperature (80 degrees C ) and low temperature ( - 30 degrees C);

Using the embedded system structure is stable and reliable, adaptable to a variety of speed;

Working frequency:910.1M, 912.1M, 914.1M

Work rate:28dBm ~ 32dBm

Frequency stability:

= 10ppm ( - 40 DEG C to + 70 C )

Through the letter export:

RS232, RS485 serial communication, communication rate can be set

Read range : 0 ~ 6M

Adaptive speed:0 ~ 160KM / H

Read TRANSCORE, type XC, type HTK, type railway electronic label

The accuracy rate of recognition:99.99999%

Software platform:With API development kits, support VB, VC development

Working temperature:- 30 DEG C to + 80 C

Working environment:Adapting to the wind, frost, rain, snow, fog, pH, salt, moisture, vibration and other harsh environment

Power:12V, 3.6ADC power supply

Ruler:268mm * 206mm * 65 mm



Product advantages:


Provide a convenient interface file two times to develop applications, or agreement.

Suitable for various environments, fault-tolerant ability is strong, has a function.

Independent research and development, with strong technical support strength.


Typical application:


Train dispatching management system

Special line of automatic equipment identification

Special railway automatic train identification

Overload and unbalanced load detection system

Mine transportation management system

Iron and steel factory vehicle transportation management system

Steel iron waterwheel location management system

Railway transportation management system

Cargo overload dynamic detection system

Oil transportation management system

Quantitative and rapid loading system

Information management system of Metro

Automatic dust suppression spraying system

Railway vehicle related machine inspection equipment